The Beginning: As consumer demand is growing, so is the demand for greater customization of products. It is easy to determine what will be appealing and be of benefit to consumers. Used in the right combination, the wide range of different nutrients are all of great benefit to our health.

The Solution: Combine a few active ingredients together into a single pot / pills.
The future demand will be to work on further customizing in order to fulfil consumers needs.

There is no doubt that each single nutrient is known to deliver efficient results. Nutritionists started this process by putting essential vitamin together; vitamins are all needed by body and come from a variety of food sources, (a part from vitamin D, which is supplied from the sun). So we can supply multivitamins where each single vitamin contributes to a targeted health and wellness goal. Minerals can also be combined with the multivitamins.

If we had to buy each of the 13 essential vitamins, adding the 12 necessary minerals. We would end up with 25 different pots/bottles (lots of packaging is not environmentally friendly!) and would take 25 different pills / tablets to meet our health & wellness goals.

Given our hectic lives, it is challenging to gain all 25 essential nutrients from our everyday diet. Therefore, why not extend the same existing concept in multivitamin and apply this to other categories like botanical ingredients or speciality supplements?

VividLush is committed to make available and develop a new “combining active ingredients” so that consumers will reduce packaging and need to take fewer pills daily.

This promotes a lighter way to supplement our needs, which is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Refresh your liveliness with our range of well-tailored supplements “VividLush” and meet your everyday health and wellness goals.

Our business:

The Dentith’s Ltd via VividLush Nutrition & Health we recognize the responsibility to research and develop innovative, science-based, nutritional products. Our commitment is to create not only high-quality supplements but provide an innovative concept that meets consumers demand.

We are combining ingredients into a single bottle at exceptional value, to create industry leading, more customized formulas to support healthy living, in a more cost effective, environmentally friendly way.

Our Mission:

Our true passion and dedication have always been driven by the unique goal of optimizing consumers health so you can live a good life.
We’re committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective nutrients essential to health. It’s what motivates us to ensure that all our products are research supported, expertly formulated, rigorously tested, proven effective, and best of all, great tasting.

At VividLush we have spent years developing and perfecting products “Made the Way Nature Intended” so our formulations retain the true essence and natural balance of nature in a form that is safe and effective even for the most sensitive of individuals. We strive to deliver the purest products possible, so you, our valued customer, can receive the most effective product available.



Behind everything we do is the belief that a single nutrient can change lives and prevent unnecessary suffering. We don’t just claim our products are good, we prove it the way we always have: by exploring promising advances in health, our manufacturer conducts rigorous clinical trials and ensuring every product we sell meets our unprecedented standards


Our manufacturer obsessively tests every lot to ensure our products are free from environmental toxins and contaminants, as well as not tested on animals.

GMO Testing

All our product is labelled as GMO-Free, VividLush ensures that products do not contain materials from genetically modified organisms.


Proactive quality control is conducted during every step of the development of our products, from harvesting the original raw ingredients to packaging. Our suppliers are constantly evaluated and are continually being verified for efficacy and quality of products produced.

VividLush Nutrition & Health brand believe transparency in supplement manufacturing is critical to consumer health and safety.
Potential high-quality raw material suppliers participate in a thorough Supplier Qualification Program which verifies regulatory compliance, quality control and more. This helps ensure that only fresh, potent, and pure ingredients are used to manufacture a finish product.